4 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur

The road of becoming an entrepreneur is not easy but is much more achievable than most would like to believe. In this article, 4 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur, I discuss what it takes to rewire your brain to achieve the mentality and success of an entrepreneur.

So you’re finally fed up with the Rat Race and ready to start living life on your terms? I can’t say I blame you. I can feel your pain and frustration. If you are anything like me, working 9-5 every week, day-in and day-out, to build & support someone else’s dream while being compensated a fraction of what they are earning just plain sucks

I won’t say it is unfair because the truth is that it is fair. The reality is that the journey your boss (granted he’s the entrepreneur that started the business and didn’t inherit it) took to create that business, and subsequently your job, was much more rigorous, sacrificial & demanding of a journey than the one you took to simply become an employee at that business.

I am not taking shots at your pride; I do not know you so I do not know your specific story and what you had to do to get to the point you’re at in life. All I am trying to do is convey the fact that entrepreneurship is no walk in the park.

I used to be an employee so I know how easy and tempting it is to bitch and complain about how underpaid you are, why you have to work so many hours, or how your boss seems to be having all the fun while your stuck running his/her business. I’ve been there.

In fact I despised being in that state so much that it drove me to the point of becoming an entrepreneur myself. I didn’t know how I would do it but I was determined to learn one way or another.

Now, because I have walked both paths and I know what each path demands of you, I can confidently say that the struggles (& reward) of being an entrepreneur FAR outweigh those of being an employee in the Rat Race.

So what does it take to become an entrepreneur and escape the Rat Race once and for all? The short answer is a completely new mindset. Entrepreneurs think completely different from those who prefer the 9-5 lifestyle.

Below I lay out four steps to implement that will help you to rewire your brain so that you will be set with the right mentality to achieve any level of success as an entrepreneur.

Please note that there is no such thing as an “overnight success” so if you do decide to implement what I am sharing with you today, know that it may take some time to see results (approximately 3-6 months). Rest assured though, if you consistently apply the following steps, you WILL see results.

4 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur 

1. Develop Self-Awareness

The only way a person can truly change themselves is by first becoming self-aware of what it is they are doing and thinking on a daily basis. If you yourself are unaware of a bad habit or negative thought you carry around how can you ever expect to begin to change it?

Becoming conscious of your current lifestyle opens the door to the possibility of change.

How do you spend the hours, minutes and seconds of your life? What activities do you partake in on a daily basis? What foods are you eating on a regular basis? What thoughts are you thinking moment to moment?

By becoming conscious (self-aware) of what it is you are doing moment to moment you then have the ability to make a conscious decision to either discontinue that action (if it is an unhealthy action) or continue it (if it is a healthy action).

Meditation is a very powerful method for becoming more mindful (self-aware) and a great discipline in-and-of-itself for the mind. Learn to control and quite your mind and you will ultimately determine how you perceive and handle any circumstance you encounter in life.

When you are able to quite the mind you become more present and develop a stronger ability to focus at any task on hand. Additionally, quieting the mind helps you to be more creative, reduces stress, increases happiness, and ultimately sets the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.

There are various forms of meditation but all work to quite the mind on some level. Personally, I am an advocate of Vipassana meditation as it works at the deepest level of the mind and helps one to see things “as they are.”

Ultimately though, a person’s preference for meditation will vary from person to person.

Due to the fact that meditation can be a difficult practice to adopt (especially for those who live in a highly active & sensually over-stimulating 1st-world country) my recommendation is to begin with guided meditation. There are a great number of guided meditations options on YouTube and in Apps like Headspace and Calm but do some research until you find one that resonates with you.

As with anything worthwhile in life, consistency is a must if you want to see true and lasting results.

2. Determine your “Why?” 

How deep does your fire burn? Without a deeply held “Why” you will be doomed to fail at entrepreneurship.

The reason for why you want to embark on the journey of entrepreneurship has to be more convincing and compelling to you than anything else life can throw at you. Your “Why” has to say, ‘No matter what life throws at me I will always press forward, little by little, until I attain the success I desire.’

You have to be burning with an idea to explore, a problem to solve, or a wrong to make right. If you’re not passionate enough from the start, you’ll never stick it out.

For me, my “Why” was a combination of my desire to find financial freedom so I can live a life on my terms, as well as to serve and help people live a more meaningful life. At that time and in my mind, the pain & frustration associated with having limits put on my life due to financial reasons was so strong that I was willing to take any risk necessary to overcome that state of being.

When the entrepreneurial journey got tough I would tap back into that frustration of not having freedom or money, remember what it was like and use it as fuel to persevere.

Limitations in life can be seen in one of two ways: a blockade that stops you from achieving what you want or a catalyst to help inspire you to become creative enough to overcome it.

Ultimately YOU decide, but I will tell you that the mind of an entrepreneur thinks in terms of limits as being catalysts. It is just a matter of how bad you want to change a circumstance.

With that said, what is your “Why?” Write it down on a notecard and carry it with you. Hold it with a deep conviction and reference it when times get tough because the entrepreneurial journey is full of ups and downs.

3. Be Grateful

While it is important to have a “Why” and something to drive you forward, it is equally as important to be grateful for the life you currently have.

Find the good currently present in your everyday life and be thankful for it!

Be grateful for all the little things in life that you may take for granted; your ability to breathe properly, to walk, talk, see, smell, taste, hear and feel all that you do.

I know these subtle blessings can often times be overlooked in the midst of your “life problems” but when you are able to enjoy and be grateful for the life that you have while actively creating a life you desire, magic happens. Life itself becomes more helpful towards you by granting you with more of what you are grateful for, and it builds and builds from there.

The beautiful part about gratitude is that there is ALWAYS something to be grateful for.

Train your mind to see the good in every situation and your life will become a place of endless beauty. The purpose of becoming more grateful of the little things in life is to train your mind to always see the good in life. If you can train your mind to always be grateful for even the smallest blessings what do you think happens when a big blessing enters your life?

Furthermore when you train your mind to be grateful for the more subtle blessings in your life, then when life throws you a mean right hook, your trained mind will default to gratitude and laser focus on what it is you are grateful about for that situation. You’ll focus on what you DO have and you will possess the ability to find peace when most others would fall apart.

Your house just burned down? You lost a loved one? Be grateful that you were able to spend the time that you did in that house or were able to share the experiences you did with that loved one. Reminisce but do not dwell.

It does you no good to resist reality; reality will always win. Whatever happens, happens, but I can tell you that the way you perceive and respond to the situation makes all the difference. Always choose gratitude.

My recommendation is, in the morning, to either meditate on 5 things you are grateful for or to write them in a journal. The trick is to feel the gratitude as you meditate, think about or write down each thing that it is you’re grateful for. Over time, not only will more of the same blessings enter your life but your mind will start to automatically look for the good present in every life situation.

At times, no matter how bad things may initially look, know that there is always an equally good side to that scenario…you just have to learn to see it.

4. Become A Learning Machine

In the world of health, it’s no secret that “you are what you eat.” As with the body, what you feed your mind has a lot to do with how and what you think about, and thereby the person you become.

Every highly-successful entrepreneur has one thing in common:

They read…A LOT.

It is not enough just to read for the sake of reading though. What you read is as vitally important. It is said that “success leaves clues” so if want to know how to do something, seek information (either in the form of a book/online or a mentor) from someone that has already achieved what it is you want to do.

Begin by reading self-help books, autobiographies and any other content that is related to the field of study/business you plan to pursue.

Mastery > Information Overload.

More importantly than just consuming the information is to APPLY the information to your every day life. It does you no good to just consume new information; you have to apply the new information repeatedly in order to make it into a new habit.

Implement and master one small piece of new information first before consuming more information.

As consumers in the new Information Age it is all too easy for us to overly consume information without first applying it to your life. Thus, in the process of rewiring the brain, many people tend to get caught in this trap of wanting to overly consume information without first mastering a small piece of it.

It can become like an addiction if you are not self-aware enough. Another dangerous side to consuming too much information is that it can often make a person feel overwhelmed and hopeless with their new pursuit.

“Step by step you get ahead, but not necessarily in fast spurts.” – Charlie Munger

My recommendation is to read one book a month and apply the information you learn through out the month. When you start a new book, continue to apply the 2 or 3 most important things you learned from the previous book while beginning to implement ideas from the new book.

Remember: it’s about quality NOT quantity. Make the most from a little bit of information rather than a little from a lot of information.

Use the resources available to you in your life and do your best to creatively apply the new information you learn. Over a years time of doing this, you will be BLOWN away with the results you achieve and the new person you become.

We are all born with the innate ability to achieve greatness in life. Unfortunately in our early years growing up, much of what we are exposed to in society and taught in traditional schooling wires our brains to settle and think similar to those of the masses.

Entrepreneurship is a daring adventure that enables a person to take a leap of faith and use their own unique perspective and innate capabilities to impress upon society and life their particular expression of Being. I truly believe entrepreneurship is something that can be learned; it just requires a different way of thinking and taking action.

These four aforementioned steps are a great starting point for anyone curious about or seeking the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Please remember, rewiring your brain is a process and does take time so remember to be patient.

Do not get discouraged if you don’t immediately see results; trust in the process and always keep pressing forward – that is the best advice I can give you. If you are conscious of your efforts and consistent enough over a given period of time, results are bound to come about.

If you found this article helpful and are looking for an opportunity to get started with your entrepreneurial journey, please check out my #1 recommendation for getting started with creating a successful online business.

I wish you MASSIVE success in your journey! 🙂

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to leave them in the comment’s section below and I will be sure to respond.

All the best,




8 thoughts on “4 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur

  1. Ed

    Hi Geno,

    Your article 4 Steps To Becoming An Entrepreneur opened my mind to a new way of looking at the way I am doing things.
    Like you, for years I was an employee but yearned for something more. So, I became an entrepreneur and started not one but two businesses and am now working on my third, which is an online business.
    Your insights about mindset are right on the mark. No matter how much hard work you put into your business you must be self-aware, know why you are doing it, be grateful and never stop learning. I have been doing these things without knowing it. Now you have put them into words.
    Great work, thanks and keep it up.

    1. Geno


      That’s awesome to hear! 

      Congrats on successfully making the transition from an employee to an entrepreneur and for starting 3 businesses! That’s inspiring and I always love to hear about people’s success stories. I’m sure it did not happen over night either, as most people would like to believe.

      Keep up the great work!

      All the best,


  2. Weston

    Great post! It all starts with a different mindset. You’ve got to step out of the crowd. Think and be different. I totally agree with your four steps. I’ve read some books about becoming an entrepreneur and the first thing, like you explained, is to become aware of yourself. What habits have you developed over the years? Are you negative and complain all the time? Do you call yourself stupid and put yourself down? Are you a quitter when things get hard? Are you lazy? After asking myself these questions I realized how much I needed to change. It’s good to take a step back and self-evaluate yourself.

    The other step that really helped me was being more grateful. Taking time to think of all the things I can be thankful for each day really changes a person. It changes your attitude throughout the day.

    Thank you for sharing these steps!


    1. Geno


      Glad to hear you agree! It sounds like you’re well on your way to becoming an entrepreneur yourself so congrats! Keep at it!

      I couldn’t agree more. Gratitude is HUGE and really impacts your attitude, the way you perceive life and the confidence you have about yourself and the life you have. It’s so important!

      I wish you all the best with your journey!


  3. jessie palaypay

    As far as finding your why is concerned, I want to say thank you for sharing. My personal why for being an entrepreneur is financial freedom but also one day helping many homeless people find financial freedom and taking them out of poverty.

    Does being grateful have something to do with the law of attraction?

    1. Geno

      Hi Jessie,

      Thanks for the comment. 

      That is a powerful “why” you have that is backed by a great cause. I too want to help homeless people create a better life for themselves and money is a great tool for enabling such change to happen. I wish you all the best with your endeavors!

      As far as being grateful is concerned, it can be seen as a law of attraction phenomenon where when you are grateful for something you will attract more of the same however I more so like to think of it from a cognitive standpoint. Growing up in today’s society we are taught to always want more. This conditions us to believe that in order to be happy we will always need more than what we have. In doing so, this conditions our minds to always look at what we don’t have (the negative) and therefore sets us up for a life of distress. There can always be more and it becomes an endless cycle. When you are grateful for something, even the smallest of blessings, it conditions your mind to look for the good already present in your life and sets you up for a life of peace and gratitude. 

      I hope this helps!



  4. Cathy

    This is an interesting read. I never truly wanted to be an entrepreneur in the first place. I was just curious with a lot of things around me and wanted to know more.

    30 years later, I found myself starting an online business because I realized that’s the only way I can take charge of my life and financial situation instead of relying on a mundane 9 to 5 job.

    It’s certainly not easy, juggling a day job and trying to create a business presence online, but I am getting there and giving up isn’t a choice.

    1. Geno

      Hey Cathy, 

      That’s great to hear you’re going the entrepreneurial route! 

      You’re absolutely right, it is by no means an easy route but it’s well worth it if you stick with it and just keep going. You’ll get there eventually, especially if you have the right guidance. Hopefully this article was of some help as well.

      Keep at it! 

      I’m wishing you all the best,


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