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Hi all and welcome to Build Passive Income Online!

I am Geno Studnicki and I am the founder of BPIO, a site dedicated to those who are fed up with their 9-5 lifestyles, working for people they don’t like to build dreams that are not their own. I am an Internet marketer and it is my passion to help people with undesirable jobs and life circumstances create a stream of passive income online by informing them of the various opportunities available.

It is my goal to help you, based on my own trials, tribulations and successes, build passive income online so you may one day work for yourself when you want, where you want and however you want.

As I am sure you can guess, the reason I built this site is probably the same reason you’re here reading this now:

  • You’re tired of busting your ass for little-to-no pay or respect.
  • You’re doing okay financially but you work all the time and have no personal life of your own.
  • You loathe your current job/career and are looking for something new.
  • You have finally come to the realization that you’re building someone else’s dream and at the end of the day have nothing to truly call your own.
  • You simply want to learn how to make some extra money on the side.

Whatever your reason may be for stumbling upon this site, the underlying truth is that you may not be content with the lifestyle you are living and are looking for a true and meaningful changeIf you let me, I want to help you.

So who am I and what qualifies me to help you?

My Story:

A Kid With A Dream

Growing up, I was a small kid with a big heart. I struggled with depression, social anxiety and self-esteem issues. I was introverted, fairly shy, and a “nice guy” whom always was wanting to please everyone else before myself.

I was always seeking approval from others, either consciously or unconsciously, and I would consistently sacrifice my health, happiness and well-being for the well-being of others. I found it difficult to ever stand up for myself and needless to say, people took advantage of it.

Long story short: At the age of 24 I did the unthinkable and it changed my life forever.

Beginning at the age of 19, I lost my first and only love to suicide. Heartbroken and shocked beyond what words can describe, I did what just about any 19-year-old kid would do and spiraled into a dark period of about 5 years, experimenting and self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, while chasing unfulfilling relationships. Coupled with the increased frustrations of working for someone for little-to-no pay and wanting my dreams but never truly living them, I ultimately ended up in the hospital (and later the psychiatric ward) after an acid trip turned south and my own attempt at suicide failed.

To say the least, I hit my rock bottom

“Out of the ashes you will rise.” – Tai Lopez

Blessed with a second chance at life, at 25 my journey of Self-transformation began and would lead me to the life I feel so grateful to live now. I made the decision to do everything in my power to change my life circumstances no matter what pain or discomfort it would cause me; in my mind no pain was greater than the psychological pain I had been experiencing at that time.

I began devouring self-help books and seeking mentors, consciously implementing all that I learned to carefully design the life I had always envisioned for myself. Through the recommendation of a dear friend I found my way to meditation when I decided to attend a 10-Days of Silence course that through experience ultimately changed my perspective on life forever.

During these years of personal development and rewiring my brain, it eventually led me down the path of Internet marketing and to discover a way to leverage myself and my past experiences to build streams of passive income online – in the end, helping me to provide real value to others while quitting the rat race once and for all.

Build Passive Income Online is my way to share with you all that I have learned on my journey so far and my hopes that it will help to cut your learning curve in half.

I now believe it is my ultimate life purpose to grow and to give. Anything that has benefitted me in my life and helped me to grow, I am passionate about and want to share with you. The more I grow, the more I have to give. BPIO is one avenue that allows me to fulfill my mission and purpose.

Music is another outlet and a very dear passion of mine. Music has always been my therapy and a large driving force in all that I do. Becoming a music producer as a way to share my music with the world has long been my greatest dream and Internet marketing has graciously gifted me with more free time to pursue it. You can check out my music here if you’d like.

I am a HUGE advocate of reading books and listening to audiobooks/podcasts on topics about: self-help, psychology, biographies, technology, relationships, business, finance, marketing, health, fitness, science, spirituality etc and just any topics I am interested in or feel I need to learn more about so I can improve my well-being. Simply put, I love to learn.

Since I have taken the vow to be more conscious of what I feed my mind and body, and coupled with the discipline of meditation, I can honestly say I am depression-free today, all without the use of medication. (Note: I’m not saying I no longer have bad days – there are some days that are worse than others; I am just able to properly manage and snap out of these “lows” sooner than what I used to, and am no longer suicidal).

Having experienced the change for myself I can truly say the BEST investment you can make is in YOURSELF! ALWAYS bet on and BELIEVE in YOURSELF!

I am also largely devoted to and passionate about health and fitness, and have dedicated the past 10 years of my life to transforming my body from the scrawny, small kid I was in high school to now this:

Modeling Shoot – 2014

I believe health is the single most important factor in anyone’s life because without great health you cannot enjoy anything else life has to offer. And just as proper nutrition and exercise are keys to a healthy physical body, what you feed your mind and proper mental discipline (for me this is meditation), are equally as important and the keys to a healthy mental state.

Lastly, traveling the world has always been a dream of mine. The lifestyle as an Internet entrepreneur has blessed me with the freedom to travel and live in various cities around the world by granting me the option of working anywhere there is an Internet connection.

I am very fortunate to have achieved financial freedom by earning a 6-figure passive income online before the age of 30, and out of compassion for wanting to help others achieve the same results I feel it is my duty to share the lessons I have learned along my journey.

My mission for Build Passive Income Online is to inspire you by sharing all that has helped me achieve the success and lifestyle I enjoy today, and to inform you of how you can use the Internet and your own personal life experiences to achieve the same results.

Remember: I am not anymore special than you – I am a regular guy and a Human-Being just like you, fighting my own battles, and if I can do this so can you! No matter your circumstances, you have a unique human experience and a story that the world would love to hear about. Please take full advantage of all the resources on this site, do your due diligence and combine all you learn here with your unique life experience to create a life you are passionate about. I wish you GREAT and MASSIVE success!

In Closing

If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me please feel free to reach out by leaving a comment here on the blog.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to hearing about your success stories soon to come!

All the best,

Geno Studnicki

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